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If your in the market for a new PC there are a few things you should ask yourself before making a purchase.

1. What are you intending to use your new PC for? You see you need a completely different hardware configuration for a PC that's meant for more office oriented tasks such as word processing, email and internet browsing. Then you would for playing video games or working with graphic or processor intense applications such as CAD or drafting software.

2. How important is this PC going to be in your daily life? If your going to use this PC for operating a small business then I'm sure that it's going to be extremely important that it is maintained and that being able to get this PC worked on quickly is a high priority. Where as if this PC is going to be used for daily personal email checking and quick banking it's probably not as dire.

This is more of a personal decision that you should consider as your choosing a PC to determine who you should purchase it from based on the support they are able to offer. If this PC is important to you and something you would like to be able to contact someone immediately about when it is not functioning then choosing a local PC company with 24/7 support is going to be your best bet. Because when your PC is down so are you and who want's to spend four hours on the phone with someone from India when your unable to understand them half the time.

Now that you've had time to consider the first two questions everyone in the market for a PC should ask them selves. We are on the final and most important question of them all.

3. What's your budget? For some people this question will always over rule the last two no matter what there answers were to them. We have all been told by our parents and grandparents to make sure your buying products not just solely on there cost but based on there value and that's what we will provide you with at Trust In Me Computers.

These three straight forward questions can help us provide you with the PC you need with the services you should expect. (Cont..)

If your looking to have a website created for you I'm sure you already have a good idea of what your websites intended purpose is.

The category's that any website should fit into are as follows:

1.  Informational (,,
2.  E-commerce (,,
2a.  Branded ( ™, ™)
3.  Social (,,
4.  Employment (,,

Of the above you should be able to quickly identify which category your site best fits. I'm not saying that some site's don't meet the categorical criteria of others. Such as ™ where they not only sell Microsoft products but also have a phenomenal amount of helpful information regarding there products.

Now that you have an idea of what type of site you want and what your intended purpose for this space is. You should spend at least an hour a day for the next week doing different searches in the top search engines Google ™ and Bing ™ for the type of product or service your planning on using your site. This will give you a better idea of what works and what doesn't as well as a better idea of the feature set you may want to compete in this space.

The more knowledgeable you are about what you like and dislike about your competition on the web the better. This makes our job of figuring out what all we can do for you on the internet that much easier. This can cut down on confusion regarding features and possible unrealistic expectations of the web. Having a clear vision of what you want can only improve our ability to exceed your expectations and decrease the cost of our services.

Here is a list of a few of the sites we have designed with our customers.
  1. Trucking Company based in Kansas
  2. Informational site about Parenting Children with Special Needs
(If you would like more information about our service or pricing please click here.)
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At Trust in me Computers we are interested in helping our customers more then we are helping our selves to our customers wallets. We offer 24/7 free phone support as well as Remote Assistance for those customers that have purchased a PC from us or a business contract.

If your having trouble with your computer running slowly or your computer telling you have a new virus on it every week and your tired of having to ask your nephew to take care of it when he visit's every six months. Then please give us a call today and let's get your problems solved so you can stop being scared of using your PC because of the $20 your going to have to shell out the next time your nephew is close.

We charge $50 to look at your PC and find the problem if this takes us 10min or 10 hours it's the same price. Then we charge $20 per hour to solve the problem. We are always able to offer a 100% accurate quote after we have found the problem most problems after they have been located do not take longer then an hour of our technicians time. However we will always call you to get authorization to resolve the problem before fixing your PC.

If your interested in having us come out to work on your computer at your home or office we charge $35 per hour from the time we leave the office until the time we tell you we have resolved your problem at your location.At Trust in me Computers we are interested in helping our customers more then we are helping our selves to our customers wallets. We offer 24/7 free phone support as well as Remote Assistance for those customers that have purchased a PC from us or a business contract.

Details of this service are comeing soon.

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